Consulting Sport Management for Teams 

In connection with the increasingly important role of coordination between team sports organisers and race cycling, Consulting Sports Management acts as an intermediary for the management of the entire competitive calendar on behalf of your team.

International Consultant Races season 2019

It is a great pleasure to introduce the services our London-based company Consulting Sport Management Ltd can offer your team in connection with the increasingly important coordination between team sports organisers and race cycling.

We manage all aspects related to the International Consultant Races in a professional and transparent manner, from the drafting of the contract with the organisers and the negotiation of the technical details to the economic and logistical aspects of the racing team’s participation and the sending of end-of-engagement bulletins.

Fluent in four languages (French, English, Spanish and German), we handle the entire coordination with my direct and personal contacts within the organising companies of the EuropaTour, the AsiaTour, the AfricaTour and the AmericaTour and WorldTour.

Our involvement is limited entirely to the co-ordination between the parties.

We can offer your team the following services in relation to the International Consultant Races:

  • Officialisation of our role by means of a legal contract between the parties
  • Calendar chosen by the team according to their technical and economic preference
  • Notification of a preliminary subscription form to the race organisers, providing all logistical and economic and technical information required by the team
  • Notification of a bulletin of engagement
  • Written confirmation and details of stay
  • Notification of the 72-hour bulletin of engagement
  • Request and delivery of invoices to organisers

Based on the services mentioned above, exclusive of on any refund of expenses previously agreed between the parties, our fees include the following:

  • An initial fixed fee to establish how to operate, to be agreed upon between the parties
  • A fee (to be agreed) equal to the fee your team will receive from the companies organising cycling races.




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