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Service and Consulting  Covid Manager - Season 2021 -

As you know, the sports calendar has been heavily influenced during this year. Every day, events around the world have been postponed or canceled and this will hopefully not happen in the next year.


The calendar this year has been canceled and postponed for numerous races. But CSM thanks to the great willpower of the Organizers has contributed to the scheduling of numerous races.

With the imminent publication of the new dates for the 2021 season, Consulting Sport Management Ltd, which has been working in this sector for years in close contact with both Teams and Organizers from all over the world, offers its experience and professionalism to help your structure to fulfill the new bureaucratic procedures and the new Anti Covid-19 Protocols issued by the UCI for the registration of your race for the next season.

For this reason CSM is able to offer you, in addition to the consolidated Team Coordinator services for your races, also Consulting and Training Services for the new provisions that the Governments of various nations, the UCI and the Italian Cycling Federation will implement for the approval of the events. Sportive post Codiv-19

Service List:

  • Secretarial Service
  • Drafting of the Race Regulations
  • Drafting and management of the UCI ANTI-COVID-19 protocoll
  • Request for permits and authorizations (only for italian Races)
  • Race plans and altimetries
  • Design and logistics of departure and arrival as well as all common areas
  • Management of health protocols
  • Road Book
  • Vehicles followed by Race



 The general principle of the sanitary protocol put in place for the UCI Road World Championships is that of isolation “bubbles”. In accordance with this theory, a group of people (riders, staff members, technical staff, etc.) enter a secured environment for the preservation of contacts with people outside their group. Before entering this bubble, these people are Covid-tested to verify that they are not carrying the coronavirus, and during their stay in this bubble they behave in a way that allows them to avoid any prolonged contact with people outside their group.

Everyone present at the event site will be assigned in bubbles with varying levels of protection (see Figure). The teams, riders and support staff will be integrated into a bubble 1 with a maximum level of protection and a minimum level of interaction with the environment.































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